August 4, 2015

Evictions & Rent Control, Oakland

Oakland Rent and Eviction Control Attorneys

The real estate law firm of Beckman Blair, LLP, provides sound legal counsel and representation for landlords and managers of properties in Oakland, California which are subject to Measure EE and Oakland’s Rent Adjustment Program. The information presented on this page is included as a broad overview of rent control and eviction regulations, and should not be considered comprehensive legal advice.

Contact our offices to schedule a consultation with one of our real estate attorneys to discuss exactly how Oakland rent control laws apply to your set of circumstances. At Beckman Blair, our lawyers represent both landlords and tenants in rent and eviction control issues, such as eviction, non-payment of rent, unlawful detainers, wrongful eviction, and rent board actions. Count on us for skilled and accomplished rent control representation.

Oakland Eviction and Rent Control

In the city of Oakland, eviction and rent control regulations are imposed by the city ordinance. The laws regulate the amount of rent that can be charged to tenants living in residential units, as well as the conditions and processes under which a tenant may be evicted. The intended purpose is to ensure that affordable housing remains available throughout Oakland, despite rental market conditions. It imposes strict obligations on landlords, and corresponding rights to tenants.

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